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Having been customers since 1995, Harout and Hovik are the most honest mechanics we know.


Through our 27 years of being with them, they are professional, competent, and knowledgeable on every car issue we have brought to them, while also providing the best customer service around.


We would not go anywhere else and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for exceptional mechanics!

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I called and I'm not even a client there yet.

He walked me through how to fix my problem from where I was so that I wasn't at least stranded. He got on facetime and told me step by step how to do some small things to get my car started again.

All this before 9 am on a Saturday.


Thank you so much!!

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First time in on 5/13/23 after looking for a nearby Land Rover specialists and these guys took care of my needs. Alternator went out and had my vehicle towed there before noon and these guys had me out and running again within a couple of hours.


I'm usually skeptical about where I take my vehicles, but I'm extremely happy with these guys (costs, knowledge, repairs, and honesty).


Hovik mentioned the life on my brake pads, air filter, and cabin filter, but said I still had at least another 5K to 7,500 left on them.


Some other guys would've recommended replacements immediately.


That alone gave me confidence they're only doing what's needed; not the typically sales approach. I will be returning for any future work on my vehicles. Nice waiting areas that made the experience relaxing.

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Had a Check engine light for a purge valve and a coolant hose that needed to be replaced On my 2010 Land Rover LR4. I came in on a Friday afternoon expecting to just get a quote.


After assessing the issues Hovik went to his computer to give me a quote however when he finished the quote he told me he could have it done within an hour and 30.


I gave him the green light and within 15 minutes the parts had arrived and he was already to work on my truck.


Within the hour he had finished and filled me in on everything that he did and was super kind while doing so.

His service is great and his prices are very fair.


I highly recommend this shop to anyone that owns a Land Rover especially because it seems nearly impossible to find a mechanic that will do a quality job for a fair price like Hovik did.


Very satisfied with my experience.

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These guys did a great job, special thanks to Hovik!


He was super responsive over text, Yelp message, and phone calls. Everything went very smoothly and the turnaround for my car's fixes were quick.


All problems were solved, and super happy with the outcome.


They're honest about pricing and even offer/suggest you to get some fixes done under manufacturer warranty (if possible) - so you know their services are done with your best interest. Will definitely come back here for routine car work needs on my RR.  


Very responsive, honest, knowledgeable, and of course great servicing. Highly recommend!!

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Since I found this place, it is the ONLY place I will bring my 2006 RR Sport HSE.


Took my car in a while back for a diagnostic, was given a detailed quote, LR parts, labor, etc. by Harout (was so kind), which was saved in their system and never changed, once I was able to bring my car back, a few months later, and get the work done!


When you get the work done, they deduct the diagnostic charge from your total!


Loved that! Hovik is the man! He is professional, HONEST, explains everything in detail and he KNOWS these complicated cars. Period!


As a female that is also very frugal, I greatly appreciate getting more than what I pay for and quality service! After my initial problem was fixed, a few other issues arose with my check engine light and they were also diagnosed and mitigated promptly and accurately!


They even patched my tire and changed a rear bulb free of charge. If you're looking for quality and professional service from good people, take your vehicle here!


Thank you guys for keeping me safe on the road and saving me money for a cup of coffee! Lol

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I went in for a routine oil change, with my new LR3, because I trust these guys over one of the 30-minute spots, and over the price of the dealerships.

After draining, they realized the previous owner had over-tightened and stripped the oil plug. Hovik and co. were quick to fix this, staying past close to put in a new thread and saving me from having to go through a $3000 oil pan job in the process.

Throughout the work, Hovik took the time to invite me in the shop and look at the problem, and the repair process. It's nice to be so well-informed and well taken care of

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I have two TD6 Range Rovers and these guys are the best! If you're looking for first rate service, honesty and knowledgable mechanics, this is the best shop in LA and perhaps the Southwest.

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The check engine in our car unexpectedly went off right before we were to take a road trip.


Not knowing much about cars and worries about driving with my baby girl, Hovik told us to come that day so he could check it out.


The minute we got there, he inspected the car, ran diagnostics, and was kind enough to explain everything to me.


He was able to clear the sensor for us and told me what to do next, and whether I'd need to contact the dealer.

The car was still under factory warrantee so he didn't even charge me for his time!

I will definitely be coming to him for our next service! Thanks again, Hovik!!

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Finally, I have found my go-to service center for our LR4 instead of the dealership! I had a coolant leak that needed a water pump, thermostat, hoses and other parts replaced.


The quote Mr. Hovik gave me was much better than the amount the dealership gave me (over 35% difference in savings). They use original parts with warranty.

The staff is great and the location is walking distance to the Americana and the mall in case you don't want to wait at the shop.

Looking forward to working with them again for our service needs.

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Land Rover LR4 HSE LUX HD

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